Hello Boss Chicks and Boss Dicks,


It's time for the sale of the century!!!


This month we're offering up to 66% off our current web store band merchandise!! Head on over to our webshop and grab yourself a bargain!!

This sale wont last forever!!!



Don't forget to mark your calendars for our acoustic alter ego Christmas shows.


This is your chance to hear our songs with a new perspective, and for us to cover some new ground musically. This is about a different kind of rock and roll energy.


14/12/2018 - Blue Note - Dresden

15/12/2018 - Zimmer16 - Berlin

"Temptation Dancers" 

"Real Wild Child"

"Oh Well" 


Also you can rock away your post Christmas blues with The 2930s,

celebrating 9 years of rock and roll mayhem:


28/12/2018 - Hafenbar Tegel - Berlin

29/12/2018 - Rosis - Dresden


Nothin' but the open road...

The 2930s